Sunday, October 11, 2015

GTA V: Kazama Auto FD3S RX-7 v1.0 - Initial Release

Hello there! The FD is ready for an initial release. This car still has some minor fixes along the way, feel free to also message me or comment below if you find anything I may have missed. Also, I have added the download link to the Maziora S13. I forgot to about 4 months ago so sorry to anyone who really wanted it.

Known Issues:

LOD Optimization
Model banshee.yft has LODs that do not match model banshee_hi.yft
Front brake calipers misaligned for model banshee.yft
Transparent vent/grill texture
Misaligned brake light dummies

For additional information, check out the readme included in the rar. Drift handling is included. Notepad++ is required.

Edit: The incorrect ytd file was included initially. I have re-uploaded the correct one.

Enjoy the car!

Download Link

1 comment:

  1. Looks so nice! cant waite to try it out! will be a few days i have a-lot o skins to make!

    Keep up the nice work! Any chance your gonna port some of your other mods to V? :D